Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is not new but is the fastest growing style of Yoga in the West right now. I’m sure this is because we are all so tired all the time & Yin allows & encourages us to be still & actually “listen” to our bodies. I love this style of Yoga & my Yin classes are very popular with students, some students coming more than once a week.

This is passive style of yoga in which the mainly floor based postures are held for set period of time. The reason for this is to access the fascia (tendons, ligaments & connective tissue) which is what we are targeting in Yin. Due to our modern day lifestyles the fascia become dry & tight leading to patterns of emotional & physical illness in the body.

Yin yoga is based on the Chinese Meridian theory of medicine. The meridians are stimulated as we work into each posture & each meridian is linked to a different organ in the body. Some weeks we may focus on the Meridians, others the breath, mindfulness or just stillness.

This style of yoga is suitable for most students as long as you can get onto the floor, as the poses can be adapted. It is especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to “switch off.”


Trained with Paul Grilley in 2018 & with-Yin-Yoga (Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier) in 2015