“For me the challenge of Yin is in being able to get beyond my body’s natural, protective, defensive tension and get my mind to accept that relaxing and softening into a pose isn’t necessarily going to hurt my body. I suppose it’s a lifetime of habitual posture and movement that is the root cause of that. It seems that the first two minutes of the challenging poses I spend on convincing my mind it’s ok to let go and the final minute getting to that aaahh! moment.  That said, I am noticing a difference since starting with you I have a much looser and improved range. I am glad I found you, no amount of books or YouTube classes can substitute for a live class with like minded people and an experienced and knowledgeable teacher.”

– Paul B

“I have been taking Yvonne’s yoga classes for nine months and have never felt better. Her experience as a nurse gives her very precise insights into the body – its musculature and the ways in which its various organs and tissues link up. Yet she is able to take her students into a deeper, more spiritual dimension, and the benefits for my emotional and mental health have been enormous. I would recommend her classes to anyone. Life-changing stuff.”

– Graham C

“I’m so pleased Yvonne teaches nearby. It’s great to find a yoga teacher who is knowledgable, enthusiastic and keen to develop her students to their best potential. I feel that Yvonne puts thought into her classes each week to ensure her students experience well-rounded and well-balanced development. 

Yvonne encourages me to put in the effort to improve my practice in a way that doesn’t make me feel too pressured. She also injects light-hearted humour into the classes which means that students warm to her and get to know fellow students well too. The mood of the class is a supportive and welcoming one which is definitely encouraged by Yvonne’s personality.”

– Karen R

“After years of trying different yoga classes and finding myself frustrated and unable to relax, I finally attended one of Yvonne’s evening classes. I was immediately taken in by the calm atmosphere Yvonne created and her extensive knowledge and care for her students. Yvonne is a very conscientious teacher, aware of the individual needs of every student in the class and supporting them where necessary. Her class is gentle but also allows you to challenge yourself if you wish to.

– Grace R

“It took me 60 years to find some exercise I could take to. I started Yvonne’s class in October 2014 and absolutely love it! Obviously I am still very much a novice but I feel great since starting. Yvonne is really good as she takes things at your pace and gives modifications to poses to suit your anatomy. She definitely has a convert in me – it isn’t like an exercise class – it is so much more.”

– Liz A

“It really challenged me to find the right words for you and your classes because I get so much out of them in so many ways…

I love the way you share quotes and insights that link the physical practice to
mindfulness and self -acceptance. 

The Yin classes really help me with acceptance of myself and others
A great sense of inner calm and time out for self-care and reflection
Being comfortable with where I’m at both physically and mentally,

You have a great sense of calmness kindness and nurturing that comes across in all your classes and makes me feel supported, accepted and included

Your Yin classes have truly got me through some of the toughest times. 

I feel I’ve been on a real journey with Yin yoga and the more I have practiced the
more I have got out of it. The benefits just grow and grow”

– A grateful Student