Saturday 15th May 2021 2-4pm on Zoom

This will be my second Workshop in the “Soothe & Settle your Nervous System” series. As things start to “open up” a little more it’s still really important to try & maintain good mental health. The last few months have really taken their toll on us leading to more stress in general & an increase in mental health conditions. I know we have all been working hard to maintain mental fitness but it’s vital that we don’t let all of that go now.

We cannot underestimate the effects that the last year have had on us all. This may manifest in anxiety, depression or insomnia amongst other things. If these conditions are left unchecked we can spend most of our days in a very “stressed” & hyperactive state. If this becomes prolonged, over time we may start to show signs of physical distress or illness in the body. It’s therefore vital that we take time regularly to pay attention to our overworked systems.

Restorative Yoga is an excellent way to do this as it allows us space to stop, slow down & relax. This is done with the aid of “props” to encourage our sympathetic nervous system to switch to its parasympathetic state. For me this is vital & I see it as maintenance for good physical & mental well being.

This Workshop is designed to help with all of the above. We will begin the session with some gentle stretches to open up the body & enable us to be more receptive to relaxing.  From here we will move on to spend time in restful postures supported by props such as cushions, blankets & bolsters. During the session we will also practice Meditation & Pranayama (breathing practices).

Please note this workshop will be via Zoom.

Investment: £18 to be paid at the time of booking.

Booking via Bookwhen