Pre Class Information

Yoga is safe and fun but to enable you to get the most from your session please note the following:

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the class starting if possible

Wear loose comfortable clothing (layers are good) as you need to be able to move freely

Avoid eating a heavy meal 3 hours before the class. A snack 1-2 hours before is fine

Wearing jewellery (apart from simple studs and wedding bands) during the class can be dangerous in certain positions

Please let me know if your health changes in any way (including pregnancy) as I may need to modify certain poses for you

Heavy smells & perfumes can be off-putting to others so please be considerate

Please remember to switch off your mobile phone

Click below to download the health questionnaire required for in-person classes


See why people in Beeston and Nottingham are enjoying Yoga with Yvonne Patrick.

“I have been taking Yvonne’s yoga classes for nine months and have never felt better. Her experience as a nurse gives her very precise insights into the body – its musculature and the ways in which its various organs and tissues link up. Yet she is able to take her students into a deeper, more spiritual dimension, and the benefits for my emotional and mental health have been enormous. I would recommend her classes to anyone. Life-changing stuff.”

Graham C