Yin Yoga Workshop

Saturday March 16th 2-4pm on Zoom

An afternoon of Yin Yoga aimed at promoting a sense of feeling both “Grounded” and “Centred” through the application of Yin Yoga postures, Meditation & Pranayama.

Using the Five Elements as a framework we will specifically focus on the Earth Element and its qualities, particularly those that enhance both our ability to feel comfortable in our own skin and that of having a sense of equanimity. This Element is all about balance and ensuring we allow time to care for ourselves not just others.

It’s so easy in modern day life to spend most of our time in our heads, perpetually thinking about the next task on our “to do” list. Modern technology also can lead to us always being available if we don’t set reasonable boundaries. It doesn’t take long for us to feel a disconnection from ourselves and others, resulting in periods of stress, anxiety, rumination and worry. 

Yin Yoga is so beneficial for providing us with the head space that we have been lacking, enabling us to have the chance to reconnect with ourselves, slow down and be still.  

This session is designed to do all of that.

During the afternoon we will be learning more about the traits specific to the Earth Element and reflecting on how this relates to us today so that we can be more at peace with ourselves. 

Please note the session will not be suitable for complete beginners to Yin Yoga. The Workshop will be on Zoom and the recording will be available if you can’t make the session. You will need a mat, blanket or two, bricks, a bolster of 2 bed pillows. It is also important to have a warm quiet space in which to practice and the camera position where I can see you.

Investment: £20. Book via Bookwhen or for more details contact yvonnepatrickyoga@gmail.com