Enhancing & conserving our Jing energy during winter

So we are halfway through January and have just gone past “Blue Monday” . We are still in the depths of Winter, the time of the Water element and the most Yin time of year.

According to the Five Element system we should modify our behaviours and adapt to the season that we are in i.e. slow down and not rush around so much. This is not so easy in our Western culture in which allowances are not generally made for the seasons. If you think about it, during December (yin time) we are often forced to become extremely yang, putting pressure on our depleted energy reserves. We rush around, work long hours, socialise hard and spend money we probably can’t afford. Add to this the extra rich food, alcohol and late nights. Is it surprising that when January comes along we are all low, exhausted and a prime target so any viruses that come along? It may be that you have managed to carve out for yourself a very different December which is wonderful. However if you are feeling exhausted, low or even disappointed right now, it is possible to “re-energise” yourselves.

Our Jing energy (or essence) is really precious and we want to do all we can to conserve and nourish it. The part of our Jing that is prenatal and acquired from our parents can’t be replenished, but we can nourish it to prevent being depleted. Ways in which we can do this are by aiming to have less stress in our lives and thinking about how to achieve more balance. Using tools such as mindfulness techniques, meditation and of course yoga can help. If you can get outside in nature as much as possible and notice the seasonal changes, even ten minutes can be beneficial. Also never under estimate the benefits of sleep.

It is possible however to enhance our Postnatal or Acquired Jing. Thinking about what we put into our bodies primarily in the form of nutrition. Eating nourishing and warming foods, avoiding excess caffeine, sugar, alcohol and heavily spiced foods. Think about calming rather than over stimulating. Making careful choices about who you spend time with, what you read and watch are also really important ways to conserve our energies.

So if you are struggling think about making one or two changes to your routine and hopefully you will soon notice the benefits. One thing is for certain, Spring is just around the corner.