An Introduction to the nine Palaces yin Yoga Workshop

Saturday August 13th 2-4pm at the Elephant Rooms & on Zoom

This summer Workshop is all about the Nine Palaces. 

According to the Daoists we all have a “curriculum” or destiny in this lifetime. This curriculum could have been decided before our birth & we can spend the whole of our lives trying to work out what that is. By exploring different areas in our life referred to as the “Nine Palaces” we can see a little more clearly as to what our destiny/plan is. 

The Nine Palaces correspond to nine areas of our lives which are:

• Career/Knowledge
• Love/Relationship
• Health
• Wealth/Abundance
• Home
• Travel/Global
• Children/Creativity
• Wisdom
• Prosperity

Each Palace also corresponds to a different element in the Five Element system. By exploring each Palace in relationship to our lives we may have a little bit more understanding about our life’s purpose. 

During the afternoon we will delve into this fascinating subject with the aid of Visualisations, Meditations & Yin Yoga shapes. 

Please note the workshop is not suitable for complete beginners.

Investment: £25 at the Elephant Rooms or £20 via Zoom. Book through Bookwhen or please contact me on for more details.