Living life to the full

Yesterday a good friend said to me that familiar phrase, “It reinforces that we need to live life to the full.” But afterwards I asked myself, just what does that really mean? Aren’t I already living life to the full & how do we judge if others are or not? 

I often interpret it that we should live each day as if it were our last. To me this implies that we should “cram” as many things in as possible, however that just would not work for me. I would become “frazzled” & dissatisfied. If it were really my last day on earth, I think I would want to spend it quietly in nature. Does this make me dull or unfulfilled? No, I don’t think it does. 

I feel that the above phrase needs “restructuring” to “live each of your days mindfully” so that you are not sleepwalking through your days. Or attempt to fill your days with some of your favourite pastimes & people. 

Do I currently enjoy my days? Yes, most of the time. Do I feel fulfilled? Yes, most of the time but not all. For me, living my best life is living in alignment, living according to my belief’s & principles. This ties in with Yoga & also Daoism, which is all about living an aligned life according to your purpose. My dreams are not your dreams & vice versa. Visiting ten countries in 10 months may be your idea of heaven but not mine. A good day for me is one in which I have had enough sleep, been in nature, have had some solitude & human connection. That is how I feel balanced. My needs are very simple & I think most peoples are. 

Over the last two years we have seen how much we value & have missed the simple things in life such as connection with others. Although you may not enjoy your day job, the routine of work may really have benefitted you during the pandemic. Many of us fantasize about having freedom from work but there is always a price to pay. Maybe you gave up or are thinking of giving up a lucrative career to free up more time? The downside is clearly having less money. I did just that & I’ve lost count of the times that people have said, “It’s all right for you, you don’t work.” Well actually I do work, & yes, I have a lot more free time & space in my life but also a lot less money. However, I don’t regret my decision, not one bit. 

So, on reflection I feel that next time someone suggests to me that I should live life to the full, I can say, “I already am.”