How did I fill my days in the Summer of the Pandemic?

How did I fill my days during the Summer of the Pandemic?

As luck would have it the Spring of 2020 was glorious with lots of sunny days & I’m fortunate to live near a nature reserve. Earlier in the year I had also begun to walk a gorgeous little Spaniel who goes by the name of Isla. This filled both of our needs. Although I would love to have my own dog, I currently share my life with a very timid cat called Nancy so it wasn’t on the cards. Also Isla was generally alone in the day. Therefore the perfect combination plus I was getting my daily dose of exercise.

So February saw the “birth” of my my new walking routine which has been a game changer for me. There is something about walking in nature that “feeds my soul”. Previously I may have been less inclined to go out if the weather didn’t suit my needs i.e. too windy or wet, but I found I soon became an all weather walker.

Something else that took over my life during the Spring/Summer months was my migraine recovery. For over forty years I have suffered with chronic migraines which have had a significant impact on my life. At the beginning of April I came across a Neurologist & fellow migraine sufferer Josh Turknett in the States who was talking about a drug free way to manage migraines both in his book, “The Migraine Miracle,” & his website

This new plan has been life changing for me, however I have had to work really hard at looking at every area of my life to see how it was out of alignment in relation to my migraines.

I have managed to come off all my medications which was no easy feat. It’s really hard to go “cold turkey” when you are in absolute agony, even harder to get others to understand why you would do that! I know now the harm that these medications have done to me over the years. They promoted the “rebound effect” in that they initially took my pain away but increased the duration & frequency of another attack. This promotes a form of dependence, trapped in a cycle of chronic pain.

The time spent in isolation was the perfect opportunity to work on my diet & cut our sugars,gluten & carbs that are not so good for the migraneur. This would have been so much harder if my life was following the normal routine of lots of social lunches & meals out (which I do love). By the time I am able to eat out again I will have a lot more idea of how to manage my new way of eating.

So that was my Summer in a nutshell. Of course in between I was teaching my classes on Zoom, attending workshops & meeting friends for socially distanced walks. But I was learning & growing & I’m so grateful for that.