A Yoga Teachers Reflections on 2020

Whilst many of my friends are “toasting” the end of 2020 I find I am looking back on this strange time with a sort of ‘fondness”.

My reasons are that the last few months have been unique & life enhancing in so many ways. I’m not trying to detract from the suffering & loss that so many have experienced; whether it be illness, financial or social. However I feel that there have been many wonderful things to come out of this time in a way that we may never experience again. It really has been a “one of a kind” moment in history.

My initial response to the Pandemic & first lockdown was disbelief and panic. How would I survive financially & what about my holidays. Yes it was all about me. As luck would have it I had taken a weeks holiday that first week & I was able to gather myself together. I’ve said it many times to my students over the course of the last few months but I feel very strongly that if it wasn’t for my Yoga practice, teachers & students I wouldn’t have made it through as positively as I did. That’s not to say that I haven’t had times of sadness, fear, frustration & disappointment because I have. However I have been able to work through those emotions in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to a few years ago.

Being a Yoga teacher & having a business also means that you have to be fairly techno savvy to survive in such a competitive market. Well technology is my weakness, I don’t enjoy it & will put off having to do anything that involves me using those skills. However it soon became apparent that I needed to put those feelings aside. Somehow I managed to get myself onto Zoom. I think that this was from necessity. I didn’t have time to be precious about it if I needed to pay the bills. I could have told myself that I didn’t have a suitable space but who did? All over the country teachers were setting up studios/classes in kitchens, bedrooms & cupboards. Although I did a “test” class my first official class started off as a complete disaster. I was “kicked” out of the class whilst the students were in childs pose! I completely froze & panicked. My fear was of looking unprofessional & no one ever coming back. However ten minutes later after a few frantic phone calls we were back in our Yin vibe. The students all agreed it had been a successful class. How long ago that seems now, if that happened today I would just take it in my stride. I’ve been able to go with the flow a lot more. What I remember initially from the Spring & Summer were how busy my classes were & how much we all needed Yoga. Of course inevitably once the Summer got into its stride the newer students “dropped” off but I have continued to have a consistant stream of regulars in my class.

I heard a Podcast only yesterday that stated the only two things we can control in our lives are, how we prepare for difficulties that may arise in life & how we respond to those difficulties. Everything else is beyond our control, & I tend to agree.