Yoga for Arthritis

Yoga for Arthritis

6-week Course

Do you find yourself wishing you could pick up your yoga mat and go to class without the anxiety that it will make your joints worse, and that the teacher won’t “understand” your body? Well now you can. I am a Yoga teacher with the added benefit of 10 years working as a Rheumatology Nurse Specialist. Therefore I do understand your condition  & am aware  that you may experience  pain, fear & have “off days.”

During my time as a nurse I delivered yoga classes for patients with arthritis & this is what they say:

“Having someone who understands our ‘condition’ like Yvonne does really makes Yoga viable for all. The classes are so enjoyable – building confidence in your abilities and helping you with relaxation techniques. I would recommend Yvonne’s classes to everyone but especially anyone with arthritis- try it”.

– Jane S

“I have had a great experience in Yvonne’s yoga for arthritis class. She adapts moves for everyone whatever your capabilities. Would highly recommend her classes, always enjoyable with a few laughs thrown in”.

– Pamela B

One of the reasons I left nursing was because I wanted the freedom to be more creative whilst sharing something that I love.  Now after several successful years running my own yoga business, I am combining my knowledge of Rheumatology and yoga to make this special practice accessible to even more people.

What are the benefits to me?

Yoga is beneficial in so many ways especially if you have a chronic condition. We tend to think of yoga as being all about bending into inaccessible shapes which can be a little off putting. Yes we do practice postures in yoga but by using props (chairs, cushions, walls, blocks etc) we can make these postures easier. This is especially useful for days when we don’t feel as good. There may be days when your joints hurt more than other days during the six weeks. If that happens we just adapt the postures so your joints feel more protected on those days. I want you to feel safe and supported during the classes as I really do understand how you feel.

What can I expect during the course?

Yoga is also about meditation, breathing and relaxation. For some of us being able to relax can be hard but the ability to relax and let go is so important when you have arthritis, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.

The more we are able to let go the better it is for our joints. Meditation is also an excellent way of managing pain and you may find you are able to cope with it more easily.Each week we will build on the previous weeks class so that you are able to monitor your progression. By the end of the course you should be feeling more confident about trying some of the techniques at home or attending a mainstream class.

And it’s fun! Just the fact of getting out and meeting others will release endorphins and create a positive mood. This is fantastic especially if you have arthritis as we all know you may have days where you feel a little “down”.

By attending this 6 week course we will look at ways of managing:

  • Flares
  • Pain
  • Overwhelm/Mood
  • Fatigue/Sleep
  • Lack of mobility
  • Diet

What if I don’t feel up to coming one week?

I recognise that there may be occasions where you may not feel “up to coming” due to your arthritis. There also may be fear around your illness which I understand. However by sticking to the course we can look at ways of using different postures in alternative ways for you.

For more information please contact me either by email or phone.

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