September Day Retreat

Saturday September 29th 10am-3pm


Yoga is a complete system that provides us with the necessary tools for achieving emotional & physical wellbeing. This is all wonderful when our life is going well with no emotional or physical turmoils to contend with. However when the “going gets tough” many of us find that our yoga practice begins to decline? As a result we stop doing something that is consistent in our lives when we need it the most. We know that yoga works for us so how can we sustain our commitment during life’s challenges?
In order to maintain our yoga practice it often means that we look at what else yoga can offer us during the difficult times that inevitably will occur. With so much on offer whether in the form of pranayama, restorative postures or building up strength, yoga has it all.
Join me for a day of yoga at the lovely Elephant Rooms where we will take the time to explore these concepts through our yoga practice, finding ways in which to “tap” into our inner resources.
The morning session will be an active Hatha practice followed by an afternoon of Yin yoga designed to balance our system.
During the lunch break  you may want to have some breathing time in the lovely outside space.

Hot drinks will be available during the day, please either bring your own lunch or a vegetarian dish for a shared lunch.


When: Saturday September 29th, 10am-3pm.

Venue: The Elephant Rooms, South Street, Draycott, Derbys. DE72 3PP.

Investment: £40 to be paid in full at the time of booking. Please note no refunds will be given for cancellation within one week of the event.

For more information or to book please contact me on 07880624336 or